Dragonborn Breath Weapon

In previous episodes our local dragonborn Sorcerer Rhogar Iceline (Chaz Neace) has been attempting t use his breath weapon. One problem with that. He keeps trying to roll a d20 for it.

D&D 5e Dragonborn Breath Weapon: Geometry Matters | by Eldadres | Medium

Breath weapons are one of the most strange ways to deal damage in D&D in my very limited experience. Chaz will continually use his breath weapon in his attack and try and roll a d20, and for some reason it’ll take him 5 minutes for Asher to straighten him out.

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Here is an optional feat that I believe Chaz should seriously consider taking especially considering his constitution score is very high for a dragonborne.

The breath weapon is treated as a spell. Creature must make a dc constitution save that is 8 + your constitution modifier + your proficiency bonus.If creatures fail they take 2d6 points of damage, and on an successful save they take half damage.

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I hope Chaz reads this and learns something, (actually I just sent him a text) and I hope you did too. There isn’t a class like the dragonborn in D&D 5e which will certainly make it interesting for Chaz, and maybe you too, going forward.

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Asher (Dungeon Master)

Well this is Asher when he was a small lad. He’s a senior in high school and he’s the captain of the Cross Country team at Asotin High School. He’s also the President of the Asotin FBLA club.

Paul Pederson (Perelius Seelin)

Paul Pederson is a Junior in High School unlike our big boy DM Asher. Paul is in Cross Country and a member of FBLA, similar to Asher, but he also participate in NHS and FFA.

Chaz (Rhogar Iceline)

Chaz is a Freshman in Highschool and is the youngest in our group by a considerable margin. He is homeschooled, but comes to Asotin for one class in 5th hour. He also runs Cross Country and participates in FBLA like Paul and Asher


Valerian isn’t her actual name, but she is a Junior in highschool just like Paul. She participates in NHS and FBLA, similar to the rest of the crew. She also probably knows more about D&D than anyone else here funny enough. She is also the only player who has ever played the game before, so that’s fun.

Reckless Attacks

As you all know I have been playing a dwarven barbarian in this campaign. This is the first time I’ve ever played D&D, so I’m very prone to making mistakes. That does not mean that they’re excused though.

In the last couple of episodes I’ve been using my reckless attack like it’s an extra attack and then everyone who wants to attack me does so with advantage. I guess Asher thought this was a little too good for a level two ability, and he was right. When he checked in on the rules they actually say this:

When you make your first Attack on Your Turn, you can decide to Attack recklessly. Doing so gives you advantage on melee weapon Attack Rolls using Strength during this turn, but Attack Rolls against you have advantage until your next turn.

We’ve recorded an episode or two ahead so far, which means you will probably see Perelius make some more overpowered moves, but I assure you that there won’t be that many more of them.

Big takeaway from this should be to not make the mistakes that I make. Even though Barbarian is one of the simplest characters I definitely make mistakes every now and again because everything in the class is so similar.

Welcome to the Website

Welcome to Natural 0s the world’s worst D&D podcast website. We are a group of high school students doing a project for a class. Yeah, you heard me. We’re playing Dungeons and Dragons for school credit. anyways this is our first post, so I’ll explain what we plan on doing with the website.


We will most likely do some character development in our episodes, but we will also do some more explaining here on the website. This is my character Perelius featured in the image above, and I made him on Hero Forge which is an super cool website. Like seriously go check it out. I’ll probably ask the others to make their characters as well, so all of you can get an image of who we imagine is talking in the game, so you can create an better mental picture of what’s going down.


As this title suggests we will just post some updates about what is happening with us. For example if we don’t post an episode one week we will probably tell you in the news section.


So You Want To Play Dungeons & Dragons...

When I started the podcast I wanted to share with people how to begin playing because that’s the hardest part, getting started. If I get any questions or want to shore anything up from the episodes I’ll do that here.I can just tell you about a mistake we made, or something like that instead of putting it straight into the podcast.